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Film Details
GCMRL Code: 44.06.06A
NARA Control Number: NARA/RG 200-UN-17-30-1
Picture: Not Available
Reference Copy @ NARA: Videotape self-serve
Type of Material: Motion Pictures
Series: Universal Newsreel
Film Date: June 1944
Description: Silent; black & white; 5 min. Allied troops invade Normandy on June 6, 1944, and Generals George C. Marshall and Henry H. Arnold enter the White House to confer with President Roosevelt. Also includes DEVASTATION OF BERLIN - captured Nazi film shows scenes of rubble, bombed buildings, and displaced persons.
Reference Copy @ GCMRL: Tape IX-10, 0:34:52
Roster: FILM ROSTER TAPE IX - Universal Newsreel

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