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Film Details
Title: Marshall Back from Big Four Meet
GCMRL Code: 47.04.26B
NARA Control Number: NARA/RG 200-UN-5548x3
Picture: Not Available
Reference Copy @ NARA: Videotape self-serve; Tape 185 (start 1:22:40)
Type of Material: Motion Pictures
Series: Universal Newsreel Outtake 5548x3
Film Date: April 26, 1947
Description: Silent; black & white; 5 min. George C. Marshall returns from the Moscow Conference on April 26, 1947, and is greeted by President Truman and a large crowd at Washington National Airport.
Reference Copy @ GCMRL: Tape IX-15, 0:43:15
Roster: FILM ROSTER TAPE IX - Universal Newsreel

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