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Film Details
GCMRL Code: 48.01.08C
NARA Control Number: NARA/RG 200-MT-14.6
Picture: Not Available
Reference Copy @ NARA: Restricted; 35 mm. Film
Type of Material: Motion Pictures
Series: March of Time
Film Date: January 8, 1948
Description: Sound; black & white; 1/2 min. Secretary of State George C. Marshall testifies before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on January 8, 1948, regarding the European Recovery Program. "To be quite clear, this unprecedented endeavor of the New World to help the Old is neither sure nor easy. It is a calculated risk," states Marshall. "It is a difficult program. And you know, far better than I do, the political difficulties involved in this program," concludes Marshall. "But there is no doubt whatever in my mind that if we decide to do this thing we can do it successfully, and there is no doubt in my mind that the whole world hangs in the balance."
Reference Copy @ GCMRL: Tape XXII-7, 0:09:31
Roster: FILM ROSTER TAPE XXII - March of Time

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