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Film Details
GCMRL Code: 63.10.27
NARA Control Number: NARA/RG 200-UN-36-88-1
Picture: Mrs. George C. Marshall and daughter Molly Winn stand at the Marshall Memorial Fountain in Frankfurt, Germany, during the dedication ceremonies on October 27, 1963. (GCMRL/Photographs, 1546)
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Reference Copy @ NARA: Videotape self-serve
Type of Material: Motion Pictures
Series: Universal Newsreel
Film Date: October 27, 1963
Description: Sound; black & white; 1 1/2 min. Secretary of State Dean Rusk confers with Chancellor Ludwig Erhard in Bonn, and he joins in a tribute to George C. Marshall in Frankfurt, Germany. Mrs. George C. Marshall and Chancellor Erhard participate in the dedication of the Marshall Fountain in Frankfurt during the fifteenth anniversary of the Marshall Plan.
Reference Copy @ GCMRL: Tape IX-21, 1:26:15
Roster: FILM ROSTER TAPE IX - Universal Newsreel

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