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Marshall Plan Filmography (MPF)

Film Details
Filmography Code: CFOE-0
Archive/Control Number: See individual titles
Picture: Not Available
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Type of Material: Motion Pictures
Series: The CHANGING FACE OF EUROPE (sometimes with subtitle, The GRAND DESIGN: PROGRESS REPORT FROM EUROPE). Alt. titles: Het GROTE PLAN (D
Film Date: 1951
Description: The six films of this series were meant to assess the achievements of the European Recovery Program and the condition of Western Europe 5 years after the end of World War II. The films find that much has been accomplished, but more is needed. Specifically, and this is the recurring theme of the series, Europe has still to do away with its many man-made barriers to the free flow of goods, people, capital, and ideas; it must become as one. Shot in Technicolor Monopac (35mm), the series was made in 13 languages and distributed to European cinemas in 18 countries, primarily by 20th-Century Fox. Each film, listed alphabetically by title in the filmography, explores a major sector of Europe's economy: (#1) POWER FOR ALL (energy) (#2) TWO HUNDRED MILLION MOUTHS/THREE HUNDRED MILLION MOUTHS (agriculture) (#3) SOMEWHERE TO LIVE (housing) (#4) MEN AND MACHINES (industry) (#5) CLEARING THE LINES (transport) (#6) THE GOOD LIFE (health) NB1: Technicians for this series told Dr. Toby Haggith of IWMFVA that the scripting and shooting process for this series were unique in several ways: The sponsor, ECA/OSR, left the producer, Wessex Film Productions, Ltd., London, free to create the scripts, not even requesting oversight. The directors of each film wrote a draft script. Humphrey Jennings and/or Ian Dalrymple reviewed them. The directors then re-reviewed and perhaps modified them and then went on location with a script left loose enough to adapt to the circumstances. Camera crews used the new, much more portable, Technicolor Monopac, a modification of the old “three-strip” color process that required large, bulky cameras. The film then had to be sent off to Hollywood to be processed, and the directors, still in Europe, therefore had no hand in the editing. NB: See individual titles for source archives.
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