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Marshall Plan Filmography (MPF)

Film Details
Filmography Code: ECE-1
Archive/Control Number: NARA/306.08991
Picture: Not Available
Reference Copy at Archive: VT (on VT 306.00047)
Type of Material: Motion picture (16mm)
Series: None
Film Date: 1952
Description: Sound (French), b&w, 35 min. An idealized film promoting the unity of Europe through development of a cooperative spirit among young people. Shows activities at an international youth camp at Lorelei, on the shore of the Rhine, where young people "celebrate their common European heritage in folk dances and by performing Moliere and the music of Beethoven" (Hemsing). The film promotes the ideal of a Europe without borders. Won an award at the Cannes Film Festival. Produced and directed by Geza Radvanyi, script by Barjavil and Radvanyi, spoken by Michel Droit, camera Roger Fellows, sound by Rene Renault, music by Alain Romans, editing by Helene Battini, DOC Films, Paris. MSA acquired worldwide non-commercial rights from DOC Films. NARA ref. copy: VT (on VT 306.00047)
Roster: Marshall Plan Filmography
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