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Marshall Plan Filmography (MPF)

Film Details
Filmography Code: LS-1
Archive/Control Number: NARA/111-MSA-1057
Picture: Not Available
Reference Copy at Archive: VT
Type of Material: Motion picture (35mm)
Series: None
Film Date: 1950
Description: Sound (English), b&w, 11 min. Shows the rebuilding of Italy’s citrus fruit industry through Marshall Plan aid. Modern machinery, rebuilt railroads, and the introduction of refrigerator cars make it possible for Italy to export citrus fruits to northern countries. 1950. Director: Primo Zeglio; writers, Pallotta and G.A. Longo; music, Virgilio Chiti; photography, Rino Filippini, editor, Pino Giomini. Listed in December 1, 1951, Catalogue of Marshall Plan Films as having been produced by ECA Italy. Credits read “Paramount Presenta/Una Produzione Europeo Film /LIQUID SUNSHINE.” NARA ref. copy: VT.
Roster: Marshall Plan Filmography
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