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Marshall Plan Filmography (MPF)

Film Details
Title: ONE-TWO-THREE (series). (See Desc. for alt titles)
Filmography Code: OTT-0
Archive/Control Number: See individual titles
Picture: Not Available
Reference Copy at Archive: Inquire directly to archive
Type of Material: Motion Pictures
Series: ONE-TWO-THREE (See Desc. for alt titles)
Film Date: 1952-1954
Description: Sound, b&w, 17-20 min. These 12 monthly screen magazines were "dedicated to stories of social progress, international cooperation, productivity, and strength through security." By combining (and sometimes interweaving) three stories from three different countries, this series also sought to further the idea of unity and community among its viewers. A. Hemsing said, “The films evidence the deft editing and sensitively understated narration characteristic of the British school of documentary film making—of which Peter Baylis showed himself to be an excellent practitioner." Originals made 1952-1953, with various language versions made into 1954. Produced, edited and written by Peter Baylis, Cinetone Studios, Amsterdam, for MSA/E. NB: At least some of the films (e.g., No. 6 and 7) were made in two versions, "Old" (mostly 1952) and "New" (1953-4). Originals were entitled in English "MAGAZINE NO. ...." The "1-2-3" designations, with all their variety of punctuation and spelling, seem to have come later. (Info. from Cat. of Documentary Films Distributed by the MSA (September 1, 1952) Alt. titles: ONE… TWO… THREE..., 1-2-3, 1… 2… 3: a MONTHLY REVIEW FROM EUROPE, a MONTHLY MAGAZINE, a MONTHLY FILM MAGAZINE, MONTHLY REPORT FROM EUROPE—MSA NEWSREEL, Een MAANDELIJKS VERSLAG UIT EUROPA (Dutch), MAGAZINE or REVUE FILMEE (Fr.), EUROPA IM BILD (Germ.), RASSEGNA MENSILE DELL'EUROPA (It.), REVISTA MENSAL DA EUROPA (Port.), PERDE DE DUNYA (Turk.).
Roster: Marshall Plan Filmography
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