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Marshall Plan Filmography (MPF)

Film Details
Title: ONE-TWO-THREE NO. 12 (1... 2... 3: A MONTHLY REVIEW FROM EUROPE VOL. 1, NO. 12)
Filmography Code: OTT-12/1
Archive/Control Number: NARA/306.00103I
Picture: Not Available
Reference Copy at Archive: VT
Type of Material: Motion Pictures
Series: ONE-TWO-THREE (See Desc. for alt titles)
Film Date: 1953-1954
Description: Sound (English), b&w, 11+ min. 1) The human side of NATO's forces in action: In the straits between Sweden and Denmark, thousands of islanders carry on their daily lives on the water, protected and assisted by the Royal Danish Navy. 2) International harmony at the SHAPE School, near Fontainebleau, France, where children of many NATO nations study and play while their fathers serve at the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe. Classes are conducted in French with special attention given to the native tongues of individual children. 3) Jet-age cooperation at Balikesir Airbase in Turkey, where Europe and Asia meet. Turkish pilots learn English and the business of flying by working together with American pilots. 1953-1954. Produced by MSA/E, Paris, for MSA/E. See “One-Two-Three (series)” for more information. NARA ref. copy: VT.
Roster: Marshall Plan Filmography
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