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Marshall Plan Filmography (MPF)

Film Details
Title: ONE... TWO... THREE... NO 3 (ONE-TWO-THREE NO. 3)
Filmography Code: OTT-3/4
Archive/Control Number: IWMFVA/OTAN 201
Picture: Not Available
Reference Copy at Archive: Inquire directly to archive
Type of Material: Motion Pictures
Series: ONE-TWO-THREE (See Desc. for alt titles)
Film Date: 1952-1953
Description: Sound (English?), b&W, 19+(?) min. 1) Security from epidemics: the work of the UN's World Health Organization (WHO) to prevent an outbreak of typhus in Marseilles from spreading elsewhere. 2) Security from aggression: advanced jet aircraft keep Britain safe. 3) Security of another kind: A colony of Kalmucks—the last descendants of Genghis Khan's “golden hordes”—who fled the USSR for refuge in a Munich displaced persons camp—are offered a home in the U.S. 1952-1953. Credits: WHO, Supervisor: John Ferno, Director/Camera: Jacques Letellier; British Aviation, Producer: Shell Film Unit, Director: R.H.B. Mason, Camera: S. Beadle; Kalmucks, Supervisor: John Ferno, Director: Nelo Risi, Camera: Jacques Letellier. Produced by MSA/E, Paris, for MSA/E. See “One-Two-Three (series)” for more information.
Roster: Marshall Plan Filmography
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