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Marshall Plan Filmography (MPF)

Film Details
Filmography Code: SFW-0
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Type of Material: Motion Pictures
Film Date: 1952
Description: In 1952, at the request of the MSA Information Office in Washington, the agency's Paris film unit undertook production of 24 (according to an addendum to Marshall Plan Films Catalog 1948-1953) half-hour television documentaries for American audiences. The programs, called the STRENGTH FOR THE FREE WORLD series, were shown nationally on the fledgling ABC- TV network in 1952-53. The programs were mostly cannibalized from already-completed ECA/MSA documentaries made for European audiences. An English staffer of the Paris film unit, Henry Sandoz, was writer- producer of many of the programs. Copies of 22 (possibly 23*) of the films have been located and are listed alphabetically in the filmography: ASSIGNMENT EUROPE, COUNCIL OF EUROPE, EDGE OF FREEDOM, FRANCE TODAY, A GUN FOR GAETANO, AN INDEPENDENT PEOPLE (Expanded 3-reel-version of the earlier documentary), INDOCHINA TODAY, ISLE OF HOPE, A JOB FOR GIOVANNI, KEEP 'EM FLYING, MEN OF GOOD WILL, **MUTUAL SECURITY, NORTH SEA HARBOR, **OPEN SECRET, REBIRTH OF A NATION, The RUHR (A re-edited version was also created in 1953), S IS FOR SULPHUR, SMALL COUNTRY—BIG IDEAS, The SMITHS OF LONDON, THE STORY OF MAHMOUD (Shorter 3-reel-version of the earlier documentary), The STRUGGLE FOR MEN'S MINDS, THREE CITIES, The TRIESTE STORY, and YOUR EIGHTY DOLLARS. MSA ran into some flak because of this series. Congress chastised Washington authorities, reminding them that the agency's enabling legislation prohibited its films from being shown in America. **NB: Still missing as the publication of this filmography: MUTUAL SECURITY and OPEN SECRET. *However, IWMFVA has a version of MUTUAL SECURITY, apparently without the illustrative scenes briefly described in the 1954 catalogue, which were apparently shown in the film while one listened to President Truman's speech.
Roster: Marshall Plan Filmography
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