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Instructions for using George C. Marshall Motion Pictures Guide

Film rosters for each reference videotape are cross-referenced to descriptive film entries listed in chronological order by date of the recorded event. The six-digit entry number (GCMRL Code) stands for year, month, day (all entries are twentieth-century items). General Marshall's trip to Normandy on June 12, 1944, is therefore listed as 44.06.12; his trip to France in October 1944 is 44.10.00; and the Yalta Conference of February 1945 is listed as 45.02.00. The film entry includes the title, producer (series), film date, duration, a brief description, and the National Archives and Records Administration Record Group (NARA/RG) number. The Hearst newsreel entries include the UCLA control number. Many of the films listed here are in the public domain; however, it is the responsibility of the researcher to determine copyright status. Signal Corps films are usually in the public domain. While the March of Time outtakes are in the public domain, restrictions apply to Paramount, March of Time, Fox-Movietone, and Hearst newsreels.

The reference videotapes are available for viewing at the George C. Marshall Research Library in Lexington, Virginia, but they are not available for copying and are not loaned. Researchers wishing copy of particular film should contact the Motion Picture Division at Archives II, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, Maryland 20740. Researchers wishing to obtain Hearst News film should contact UCLA Film and Television Archive, Commercial Services Office, 1015 North Cahuenga Boulevard, Hollywood, California 90038.


Film Details
GCMRL Code: 48.01.08A
NARA Control Number: NARA/RG 200-UN-21-108-1
Picture: Secretary of State George C. Marshall testifies before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on January 8, 1948. (GCMRL/ Photographs, 1064)
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Reference Copy @ NARA: Videotape self-serve
Type of Material: Motion Pictures
Series: Universal Newsreel
Film Date: January 8, 1948
Description: Sound; black & white; 3 min. George C. Marshall testifies at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on January 8, 1948, urging passage of the European Recovery Program. "There will be requirements in this program for certain sacrifices," says Marshall. "But I feel that when you measure those sacrifices against what we are fighting for you will get a very much better idea of the necessities of the case. . . . It is a difficult program. . . . But there is no doubt whatever in my mind that if we decide to do this thing we can do it successfully, and there is no doubt in my mind that the whole world hangs in the balance."
Reference Copy @ GCMRL: Tape IX-16, 0:47:55;
Roster: FILM ROSTER TAPE IX - Universal Newsreel

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